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C.A.M. Academy and Consulting Services, Inc.
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                           Sarasota, FL  34232
                                          C.A.M. Academy was established in 2008 to assist Community Associations with                                  Education and provide consultation and assistance in the operation of their  communities throughout the State of Florida.   

                                          Prior to 2008, there was a shortage of courses offered to community Board  members to educate them on the operation of the communities. Yet, volunteer  Board members were expected to know how to operate and maintain  communities when they volunteered to serve.  We developed some short courses  that provided some hands-on insight into community management.  
Then in  2010, the State of Florida recognized the need for education of Community Board  members and made it a mandatory option when serving on the Board of a  Community Association, so we structured a course to meet that need. 

 Board Certification Course

Our Course “Board Basics” has been taught throughout the State of Florida since  2010. Our course is certified by the State of Florida and we offer the course  throughout the year to Condominium, Cooperative and HOA Board members.  
Please contact our office for more information.

 Interested in a career in Community Association Management?  

If you are looking for a challenging and rewarding career, then look no further.   There is a great need for GOOD managers in the field of Community Association  Management.

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